Easy access to Printing, Editing, and Starting Fire Inspections

CodeRed Inspect Pro fire inspection software combines comprehensive full featured fire inspection software with unparalleled ease of use. Fire Inspection entry, editing, printing, and emailing are streamlined using the CodeRed Inspect Pro Administration page to provide an intuitive user-friendly experience. Select from multiple Inspection types including Basic, CO Detection, Portable Fire Extinguishers, Water Supplies/Hydrants, Occupancies, Construction, Heating, Fire Alarm, Water Mist, Electrical, and Sprinkler Systems.

Key Benefits

Simple to use Dual Tab Navigation

Codered Inspect Pro provides easy to use navigation utilizing an intuitive dual tab layout so you can quickly and easily reach desired Fire Inspection information. You decide whether to follow the start-to-finish flow using the next/back buttons or simply choose the desired tab as needed. All inspection types follow this user-friendly logical data flow which is achieved by CodeRed's dynamic Fire Inspection interface.

Key Benefits

  1. Dual Tab Navigation
  2. Dynamic Inspection Interface
  3. Seamless Integration with NFIRS Pro

Print or Email Fire Inspections

CodeRed Inspect Pro combines clear and easy to read Fire Inspection reports with the convenience of either printing or emailing with a single click. Add your Fire Service's logo the the inspection reports for a clean professional look. Complete integration with CodeRed NFIRS Pro

fire software.

Key Benefits

  1. Include your Fire Service Logo
  2. Print or Email Inspection Reports
  3. Clear Easy to Read Fire Inspections