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NFIRS is the world's largest, national, annual database of fire incident information. 50 states and the District of Columbia report NFIRS data. 37 fire departments with a population protected of over 500,000 participate in the NFIRS. About 23,000 fire departments report in the NFIRS each year. The NFIRS database comprises 75 percent of all reported fires that occur annually.

Powerful reporting and statistical analysis capabilities enable your department to effectively gather, process and report on national and state reporting requirements, including NFIRS 5.0 standards.

Caring Matters in Everything...

MacroLogic, Inc. has kicked-off CodeRed Cares as part of it's line of EMS and Fire projects. Providing the best ePCR software possible to assist in EMS Patient Care has always been the foundation of MacroLogic, Inc. and it's line of CodeRed products. What if while continuing to provide the best ePCR EMS Software we can, allowing Medics to focus on Patient Care, we could also do something for the Patient's directly... something to help take the "edge" off. We decided the next best thing to holding the Patient's hand, would be to give them something comforting like soft little stuffed animals to hold on to. Our goal is to provide these little companions to EMS Services around the country to carry in their ambulances for those Patients they feel may be comforted or soothed by these soft little critters.

Fire and EMS Equipment/Supplies/Clothing

While some people go on a shopping spree to buy “things,” go on a leadership book-buying spree to build your library so you “never” run out of reading material. The challenge is to divide your time between reading books and the great fire service websites that are quickly becoming available. But, books tend to win out because of the compelling need to take notes, circle key points, fold pages and highlight throughout.

It’s been stated on more than one occasion that some firefighters just don’t like reading. Fair enough, but reading is a key part of learning and growing as a leader.